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About Us

38 Years & Counting...

At Inkarp, we are committed to retaining our prominent position in the scientific instrument market through world class instrument supply and after-sale support.

Since our inception in 1985, it has given us great pleasure to be recognized as a preferred supplier of instruments and services across a diverse array of markets in the country.

We have a strong direct presence in India, with our headquarters in Hyderabad and a network of branch offices spread around the country.

We ensure our customers receive ongoing support for many years because of our long-standing relationships with major manufacturers (Principals) worldwide. At the heart of our organization is a competent and dedicated team that is vital in our business's success.


Our vision is to become indispensable to our customers by providing cutting-edge products and services that lead to positive outcomes. The ultimate purpose for us will always be to be an integral part of the evolution of our customers' research studies.


Our mission is to become a one-stop shop for all research solutions, we are developing a holistic platform that integrates the supply of high-quality products, installation support, and reliable after-sales support. We are currently focusing on providing technologically advanced after-sales support with the best-in-class trained engineers to guarantee that your research requirements are dealt on time. As Inkarp, we are doing all we can to analyse the evolution of science and enable our customers in simplifying their application requirements.


A Step to Robust
Customer Support

In every organization, customer satisfaction and service efficacy are critical differentiators. Recognizing this, we've established a robust customer support strategy to meet our customers' postsale requirements. Our engineers undergo training at the Principal's facility, which is a continuous process at Inkarp.

With a legacy of over 36 years of successful operations in India, we at Inkarp, continue to stay committed to providing best in class products and solutions to our customers.


Chairman's Message

At Inkarp, our success has been and will continue to be driven by satisfied principals whom we represent, satisfied customers whom we serve, and satisfied Inkarp'ians who strive to achieve the above.

We will continue to build on our strengths, expand into new markets, and collaborate with the scientific community to provide products and technology to meet the growing research needs.

We are eternally grateful to our customers for their continued patronage, without which we would not be able to succeed.

- S. Balu


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