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Series 4600

The multifunction Series 4600A Automated Test Systems have been engineered to provide high capabilities for large scale single cell testing at a very economical price. Each test position: Operates independently of the other positions; Can be user programmed to run a wide range of multi-step tests; Can be user programmed to operate in steps of constant current, constant power, constant voltage, or constant resistance.


Number of Test Channels:

32 to 256 per system

Voltage Measurement Range:

0 V to +5 V

Voltage Accuracy:

±5 mV

Minimum Discharge Voltage:

0.2 volts or 0.35 × Current, whichever is greater

Voltage Resolution:

16 bit

Current Range:

3.75A, 2.5A, 1A, 500mA, 250mA, 150mA, or 20mA

Current Accuracy:

±0.05% of Full Scale Current

Current Resolution:

16 bit

Time Resolution:

50 mS

Minimum Step Time:

500 mS

Data Recording Rate:

200 data points per second per system standard

Operating Modes:

Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Power, Constant Resistance

Number of Steps per Test:

18 standard with subroutines

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