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Series 4000

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Series 4000

Automated Test System – high precision primary and secondary cell test system.

The multifunction Series 4000 is a range of fully automated, computerized test systems that provide the highest level of specifications and features available in the industry. From the base system that provides the highest level of accuracy and time resolution, features can be added to allow the Series 4000 test system to perform virtually any type of test, with any type of products (i.e. battery materials, batteries, super-capacitors, fuel cells, etc.) and chemistries.



Number of Test Channels:

1 to 192 per system

Voltage Ranges:

available up to 180 V maximum

Voltage Accuracy:

0.02% of full scale voltage

Voltage Resolution:

16 bit

Current Ranges:

Single Current Range 1 mA to 2000 A; Four Current Ranges: 150 µA, 5 mA, 150 mA, 5 A

Current Accuracy:

0.02% of full scale current on 5 Amp Multi-range channels

Current Accuracy:

0.05% of full scale current on all other channels

Current Resolution:

16 bit

Time Resolution:

10 mS standard, with 5 mS and 1 mS as an option

Minimum Pulse width:

100 µS

Rise Time:

<500 µS standard in constant current modes, 100 µS or 20 µS optional

Data Recording Rate:

200 data points per second per system standard

Data Recording Interval:

ΔTime (minimum 10 mS standard, 5 mS and 1 mS as an option), ΔV, ΔI, ΔAh, ΔWh, ΔT, ΔP

Operating Modes:

Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Power, Constant Resistance, Voltage Scan (Cyclic Voltametry)

Number of Steps per Test:

127 standard plus subroutines

Step End Conditions:

Voltage, Current, Time, -dV, dV/dT, dV/dt, Ah, Wh, HCAh, HC Wh, LHC Ah, LHC Wh, Auxiliary Voltage, Reference Electrode Voltage, Temperature, dT/dt, dT/dt, pH, Pressure

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