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Safety Containers

Stainless steel products for safe metering, handling, decanting, storage, transport and disposal of hazardous goods! Our products are mainly used for safe handling of flammable liquids (such as solvents). They play a major role for your daily work with hazardous goods, especially in laboratories.

  • Safety cans: safety cans for in-plant use, designed for handling of smaller quantities (1 to 5 liters) - we offer metering cans (with precise metering device) and storage/screw cans (with screw cap), each of them in laboratory edition (polished surface) and industrial edition (unpolished)
  • Safety canister: safety canister for in-plant use, designed for handling of medium quantities (5 to 20 liters) - we offer metering canisters (with self-closing metering device), storage/screw canisters (with screw cap) and tap canisters (with self-closing tap)
  • Safety barrels: for in-plant use, designed for handling of bigger quantities (10 to 50 resp. 200 liters) - smaller barrels are availabe with self-closing metering device, all others have a screw cap or a self-closing tap, optionally with content level indicator
  • Transportation containers: safety containers for UN-transports of dangerous goods on public traffic routes - these containers do have a certificate allowance (homologation) of the "Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung und -forschung" (BAM, responsible German authority), transportation containers are available in different sizes
  • Funnels: we offer stainless steel funnels for all our safety containers for safe filling - safety funnels (screwed onto the container, flame trap, overfill protection, grounding, closure) and plug-in funnels

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