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GreenHouse Plus Parallel Synthesiser

24 heated and stirred reactions from 0.5 ml to 7 ml, with refluxing and an inert atmosphere

The GreenHouse Plus provides 24 heated and stirred glass reactions with volumes from 0.5 ml to 7 ml. The combined reflux and additions head allows for convenient additions or withdrawals whilst maintaining an inert atmosphere.

GreenHouse Plus brings all the benefits in productivity of parallel synthesis at a fraction of the cost of automated systems. Holding 24 glass reaction tubes in a removable reaction block with the same footprint as a standard micro titer plate (MTP), the GreenHouse Plus facilitates rapid transfer of samples by multi-channel pipettor or robotic systems.
• Powerful stirring and rapid heating to 150 °C
• Optional HDPE cooling reservoir for chilled reactions to -78 °C using acetone and dry ice
• 24 tube, micro titer plate footprint
• Reaction volumes from 0.5 ml to 7 ml
• Removable water cooled reflux head
• Perform reactions under an inert atmosphere
• Easy viewing of tube contents during experiments
• Nickel plated aluminium offers excellent chemical resistance

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