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Carousel Work-Up Station

For parallel filtration, phase separation or SPE

Easy-to-use, 12 position, parallel work-up station reduces post-synthesis bottlenecks. The Carousel Work-Up Station facilitates parallel or sequential work-up of up to 12 samples, using filtration, phase separation, liquid/liquid extraction or SPE techniques.

 Accepts 12 x 70  ml columns loaded into one of two identical stackable racks
• The lower rack supports 12 Carousel Reaction Tubes or standard 1 inch boiling tubes for sample collection and the upper rack holds your columns
• Unique vacuum-free design uses no taps, valves or drip needles, making assembly and operation fast and simple. Minimising cleaning and consumable costs
• Vacuum-free operation also makes removal of collection tubes easy and prevents drying of columns
• Use under gravity or with the SpeediFlow Booster, which allows precise individual control of solvent flow within each column and speeds up your work-ups
• Ergonomically designed aluminium racks are easy to load with collection tubes or columns. They are stable with good access/visibility of all columns and tubes
• Identical racks lock together for ease of operation or transportation from location to location
• An optional 3rd rack can be stacked above the 2nd rack for sequential work-up

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