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Photo Cube™ Pro

The PhotoCube™ Pro is the first multi-wavelength instrument available for advanced photochemical applications. Various configurations can be applied to a diverse set of batch, flow, stop-flow and CSTR photochemical reactions. Options for multicolor and UV LEDs enable you to apply up to 7 wavelengths, in addition to white, even simultaneously. Several system configurations are available enabling the complete customization for specific needs from 3D printable kits to complete ready-made reactors.


Batch, flow, stop-flow and CSTR reactions in the same reactor
7+1 wavelengths in one instrument
Available in kit form or ready-to-use


Available wavelengths: 365, 395, 457, 500, 523, 595, 623 nm and white
Available batch reactor volumes: 4 mL and 20 mL glass vials
Available loop volumes: 2-20 mL
Available loop materials: FEP or PFA
Temperature range: from 20 to 100 °C (with external thermoregulation)
LED input power: up to 128 W/color


ComInnex and ThalesNano, together with Professor Timothy Noel from the Technical University of Eindhoven have entered into an R&D collaboration which led to the development of the PhotoCube™ and PhotoCube™ Pro photoreactors for several applications, including:
Minisci reaction
Wohl-Ziegler bromination

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