Product Details

AC200-SE Spin Coater

Industrial grade PLC controlled servo motor system for improved precision and reliability


Enhanced features designed for superior end user experience.


High performance motor, programmability multi step spin program


Chemical resistant materials & easy to clean


Safe and reliable design




Product Highlights:


  • Standard high performance drive
  • 100 spin programs available on board, 100 spin steps per program
  • Substrate sizes from <1cm to 8 inch
  • Anti-blockage spindle design for easy maintenance
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Easy access to dynamic/static dispense




  • Substrate size: <1cm upto 8 inch


  • Spin speed range : 0-10000 RPM


  • Spin speed resolution: ±1 RPM


  • Acceleration range: 0-50000 RPM/s


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