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For faster and Better Investigation of Raw Material and Process Space in:

Personal Care Formulation & Characterization

Home Care Formulation & Characterization

Lubricants Formulation & Characterization

Chemspeed’ s fully automated, integrated FLEX FORMAX provides a flexible, modular, and uncompromising automated solution that:

  • Provides 6 to 12 high-quality automated, individually controlled & operated formulations / emulsions per run, with integrated liquid handling
  • Features an easy interface to DoE and data analysis – dispensed amount, mixing speed, temperature, time, and any other stored data
  • Offers optional gravimetric dispensing (solids, powders, liquids, highly viscous materials, pastes, creams and waxes) into precision formulation vessels / blenders
  • Features an optimized footprint (3×3 ft., 90×90 cm) versus capacity … all while reducing costs / maximizing return on investment

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