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Smart Flash AKROS

The Smart Flash AKROS integrated with TLC reader is an indispensable tool to be used by synthetic organic and natural products chemists to quickly and efficiently purify samples ranging from a few milligrams to dozens of grams. “AKROS mode” is designed based on Yamazen’s proprietary EPC (Elution Position Control) theory which is an advancement of the familiar theory of column chromatography. It calculates the sample’s elution position and the maximum sample loading amount for each column selected and coupled with a highly sensitive UV detector, elutes the target compound always at the most efficient position, assuring a high resolution in sample purification. AKROS captures a TLC image and shows it on the display screen along with the chromatograph’s sample peaks, which enables the cross-referencing of sample spots on TLC to sample peaks. AKROS, the “TLC Flash Chromatography System” helps the chemist to identify the target peak by cross-referencing TLC pattern to sample peaks and by comparing the intensity of sample peaks to the darkness or lightness of TLC spots. Moreover, it makes the result file of a sample run more useful as method data since the TLC image is copied and attached to the file.

    Carry out the separations of samples ranging from a few milligrams to dozens of grams automatically
    Assure good sample separations due to the integration of TLC image reader and Smart Flash
    One and only flash system that can develop the optimized method based on the true theory of flash chromatography
    Integration of TLC Image Reader and Flash Chromatography System
    Capture TLC image and show it on monitor screen     

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