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StarFish Work Station - the space saver

A modular, general purpose heating and stirring work station

Whether you want to just heat and stir, or perform more complex parallel experiments, StarFish really can make your life easier and improve productivity.

  • Fits all leading brands of stirring hotplate.
  • Accepts standard vials, test tubes, beakers and flasks.
  • Set-up vessels individually or in parallel.
  • Space saving - uses less space than multiple heating and stirring set-ups.
  • Increases productivity - multiple positions allow you to heat, stir and reflux experiments in parallel.
  • Cost effective - use your existing stirring hotplate and glassware. Eliminate the cost of multiple set-ups.
  • Safer, cleaner working - eliminate oil baths, reduce spills, mess and accidents.
  • Flexible - use as many positions as you want.
  • Easy to use and quick to assemble.
  • Compact - store spare components in a drawer and not on the bench.

Can be used for :

  • Synthesis
  • Distillation
  • Extraction

in the following laboratories:

  • Teaching and university
  • Chemistry and biochemistry
  • Environmental analysis
  • Food testing
  • Analytical

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