Product Details

Heat-On™ Block System

  • The safest, fastest and most efficient way to heat and stir round bottom flasks from 10 ml to 5 litres.
  • Avoid mess and injuries in the lab owing to Oil spills
  • Cost effective - Do away with expensive Heating mantles which are difficult to clean as well


  • Replace messy oil baths, heating mantles and avoid spills.
  • Make your chemistry safer, cleaner and faster.
  • Solid aluminium blocks provide even heating.
  • Lightweight design allows rapid heating.
  • Unique well design eliminates cracking of flasks.
  • Blocks feature two probe holes for added convenience
  • Optional and detachable lifting handles.
  • Optional PTFE Safety Covers reduce risk of user touching hot blocks
  • Block for Florentine (pear-shaped) flasks.
  • Use up to 260°C.
  • Fit on all leading hotplate brands with a 145mm Ø top plate; optional adapter plate for 135mm Ø top plates




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