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Hei-TORQUE Value

Heidolph overhead stirrers enrich the lab with enhanced performance, reliability and powerful stirring for years. The Hei-TORQUE laboratory stirrers are equipped with the latest drive technology and the sealed housing protects the inside from vapour and dust. Moreover, the Hei-TORQUE series provides the suitable stirring tool for every application.

The advanced VISCO JET® impellers guarantee best mixing results through its self-reinforcing flow characteristics. The VISCO JET® mixing system is capable of stirring high-viscosity liquids and gels, which conventional impellers cannot manage to stir.

Hei Torque Value 100/200/400

  • Indication of torque tendencies to monitor viscosity changes
  • Digital 2.4” display for ease of operation
  • Torque ranges from 100-400 Ncm depending on model)
  • Constant speed even under changing loads
  • Safe start and stop of operation via slide touch panel to avoid unintended stirring
  • Newest motor generation for maximum power at minimum noise level

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