Product Details

Jeio Tech Vortex Mixer

Low profile design and highly touch sensitive sensor reduce wrist stresses when pushing and holding experiment tools resulting in less fatigue and less unpleasant feeling .

  • Rapid vortex formation even touching anywhere on top plate.
  • Available to handle the several tubes at the same time.
  • Various shape tubes can be used. 


  • Well-balanced design and optimized safety features.
  • Small footprint ideal for use on lab benches and within fume hoods or clean benches.
  • On touch operation mode, real-time and dynamic mixing made even with gentle touch.
  • Selective mixing modes with variable speed control knob.
  • Built-in LED lamps ( VM-96A) for easy recognition of the mixing mode selected.
  • Sparkless BLDC motor adopted for safety, quick acceleration, and low maintenance.
  • Built-in safety features against overload and over current.
  • Chemically resistant polypropylene molded exterior.
  • Wide range of accessories available.

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