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Mycology And Entomology

Recording Volumetric Spore Trap

A compact unit with built-in vacuum pump, designed to sample airborne particles such as fungus spores and pollens, continuously for periods of up to seven days without attention. Particles are impacted on adhesive coated transparent plastic tape supported on a clockwork-driven drum.

DNA auto spore trap

The sampler uses a novel way of sampling airborne spores and depositing them into a pot prepared for downstream analysis. The device samples 300 litres of air per minute, collecting particles in the air, such as fungal spores. At the end of the User-defined sampling period, the sample is moved through a series of different processes, which enables the instrument to detect the amount of spores of a target species that were in the air during the sampling period.

To do this, the spores are broken open in order to release the DNA inside. Once broken open, a subsample of the disrupted spores is transferred to a tube of dried reagents within the device, in order to detect the DNA of a specific crop pathogen using DNA-specific assay.

Potter spray tower

Suitable for studying the biological effects of chemicals both when applied as a direct spray on the organisms or as a residual film. This design incorporates more recent developments from Rothamsted Experimental Station, Harpenden, Herts, England, including the following: quickly detachable atomisers pneumatically operated spray table and all air controls mounted on attached instrument panels. A 0-2 kg/cm² pressure gauge is fitted as standard equipment.

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