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Flame Photometers

BWB flame photometers are used for measuring Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium & Barium (Li, Na, K, Ca & Ba). There are flame photometry applications in many different industries including • Cement • Beverage • Pharmacies in Clinics • Medical Schools • Petrochemical • Paper • Fertilizer • Wine • Food • Nuclear Power Stations • Salt and Potassium mines • Sugar Industry.

BWB are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with low temperature flame photometry.  Here are some of the many reasons BWB are now the flame photometer manufacturer of choice:

  • Simultaneous detection & display of all 5 ions
  • Selective Analysis - Flame photometry, excludes most elements, which means very little interference.
  • Built-in Air Compressor
  • Advanced Calibration System 
  • Fast - Once the instrument has stabilized it takes just a matter of seconds to obtain results.
  • Reliable & Simple – Ease of use and achievable repeatable results time and again.
  • No need for internal standards
  • Cost Savings - The purchase cost and operational costs are lower than a comparable AAS or ICP.
  • Just Add gas – comes with all accessories without additional charges.

The BWB XP Flame Photometer

The BWB XP Plus Flame Photometer

The BWB BIO Flame Photometer

The BWB NUCLEAR Flame Photometer

The BWB SUGAR Flame Photometer

The BWB LI Flame Photometer

The BWB SYN FUELS Flame Photometer

The BWB SFP Flame Photometer

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