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Infrared Cameras


The ZephIR are Photon etc.'s affordable scientific-grade NIR and SWIR cameras, highly sensitive from 0.8 to 2.9 µm with an InGaAs or MgCdTe (MCT) FPA. Deep-cooling at -80°C, a four-stage TE cooler, provides unrivalled low-noise levels at an astounding 340 frame-per-second rate. Either it is for fluorescent markers imaging, quality control of semiconductors, material sorting, gas detection, borehole samples analysis, solar cells characterization or space applications, the ZephIR™ extend the boundaries of laboratory and industrial imaging.


Continuing its push to extend the boundaries of scientific and industrial imaging, Photon etc. presents its high performance, quality for value, air-cooled SWIR camera line. Based on a sensitive InGaAs FPA and integrating a four-stage TE cooler, Alizé 1.7 delivers an astounding 220 frame-per-second rate while reaching very low noise levels. First designed for demanding faint-flux applications such as small animal imaging in the second biological window, these cameras also bring new capabilities for industrial applications in quality control and sorting.

The HypIRia are the only telecentric objective lenses optimized for 1 to 2.9 µm. Designed for machine vision and industrial applications, their heavy duty stainless steel and aluminum housing makes them quite resistant to harsh environment. They are well-suited for high-end scientific applications, mostly with spectroscopy or multiband due to their wide field and telecentrism. They succeed at providing a wide aperture over such a long spectral range while still limiting distortion and chromatism. This wide aperture allows an amazing throughput which offers high quality imaging even for low-light imaging. All surfaces have an anti-reflective broadband coating effective over the whole spectral range. The manual fine focus allows for a very precise adjustments of the image. They come in three different focal lengths (11 mm, 15 mm and 25 mm) and their input ports (SM1 and M45) can easily be coupled with standard filters and protective windows. The H11 has a particularily wide field of view, making it stand out even more.

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