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Plate Express™

Automated TLC plate reader

Plate Express™ is a device that provides a simple, automated means of obtaining mass spectra directly from TLC plates, combined with Advion Interchim Scientific’s expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) creating a technique known as TLC/CMS.

Direct mass analysis from TLC plates

Using this technique chemists can quickly and confidently identify products even in complex mixtures without additional sample preparation.

  • Identify spots in <1 minute
  • Avoid the risk of overloading the mass spectrometer – TLC spots contain the ideal amount of sample for mass spectrometry
  • Software controlled – spectra obtained within a few mouse clicks
  • Simplify the process of obtaining spectra – ideal for multi-user labs


Using TLC to Guide Intelligent Purification & Mass Spectrometry Processes

Plate Express: How it Works


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