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Liquid Handling

User-friendly liquid-handling solutions designed to help you eliminate tedious manual sample preparation and increase system reproducibility and retention time. 

We offer outstanding products of the highest quality for made-to-measure solutions and devices – without compromising product flexibility and dimensions for laboratories within the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

System Solutions

  • System solutions for analytical and preparative applications
  • System solutions for fraction collectors

System solutions for analytical and preparative applications

  • The new giant among liquid handling platforms
  • Flexible sizing of the XY units:
    • Width up to 3000 mm
    • Depth up to 1200 mm
  • Up to four Z axes and two Y axes
  • Up to five simultaneous applications possible
  • High speed, high precision
  • Resistant to aggressive solvents
  • RFID identification system (optional)

System solutions for fraction collectors

  • Open, height-adjustable system for an unlimited number of fractions
  • Compatible with many different flask and test tube sizes
  • Convenient racks for every possible application
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Freely programmable XY-axis
  • Collection of up to 625 fractions
  • Touchscreen system (optional)
  • Automatic rack recognition (optional)


  • LABOMAT LH-5000 Liquid Handling Platform

    No compromises in flexibility and dimension!

    Customized solutions for LABOMATIC's liquid handling systems have practically no limitations in size, sample number, or sample volume, and offer a high degree of variability for all applications. Different applications can be combined, and of course, the systems are freely programmable.

    Thanks to the modular construction system, the basic device is available in over 1000 variations due to the X and Y elements that can be assembled together. The effective travel distance is up to 2800 mm on the X-axis, up to 800 mm on the Y-axis, and up to 500 mm on the Z-axis. The height of the X/Y axes can be adjusted to suit the customer's application. The combinable application modules increase flexibility even more.

    • LABOCOL FS-3000 fraction collector module
    • LABOCOL DS-5000 data storage module
    • LABOCOL CL-5000 cleaning module
    • LABOPORT AS-5000 autosampler module
    • LABOPORT AL-5000 aliquot module
    • LABOPORT PO-3000 pooling module

    Special features

    • Modular system, no compromises in dimension and flexibility
    • Size can be adapted to customer requirements
    • More than 1000 different sizes and variants can be combined
    • Combinable application modules
    • Travel distances:
      X-axis from 160 to 2800 mm
      Y-axis from 70 to 800 mm
      Z-axis up to 500 mm
    • Multi-axis system, 2 Y-axes each with up to 2 Z-axes
    • Freely programmable
    • Touchscreen programming and parameter display
    • Control also by the LaboChrom 5 software.
  • LABOPORT AS-5000 Autosampler-Module

    Application area

    The AS-5000 module enables the LH-5000 to be used as an autosampler. The device size is determined by the customer's application, with a limitation in the number of samples given by the travel distance of 2800 mm x 800 mm. The sample volume is virtually unlimited and can range from 1 ml to several liters. The Z-axis, with a travel distance of up to 500 mm, allows for high sample vessels to be used.

    The sample is sucked into a sample loop with a corresponding diluter. A sample pump is available for larger quantities. A corresponding washing station with a double cleaning function ensures absolutely no sample contamination during the cleaning of the sample needle.

    Special features

    • Available as a stand-alone device or as an expansion to LABOMATIC HPLC system panels.
    • Expandable with additional modules such as:
      • Fraction collector (LABOCOL FS-5000 module)
      • Aliquot collection of fractions in microtiter plates (LABOPORT AL-5000 module)
    • Freely programmable XYZ system
    • Sample introduction through diluter and sample loop, or sample pump
    • Double, contamination-free cleaning function of the needle
    • Customized racks or round-bottom flask fixation
    • Touchscreen programming and parameter display surface or control through LaboChrom 5 software.
  • LABOCOL FS-5000 Fraction Collector Module


    With this module, the LABOMAT LH-5000 can be used as a fraction collector. It is an open system without limitation on the number of fractions, size of test tubes, number of columns, and the appropriate rack for each application. The device size is determined by the customer's application, with the XY system's travel range up to 2800 mm wide and 800 mm deep. The corresponding test tube racks are also customized to meet customer needs.

    Special features

    • Freely programmable XY system
    • Touchscreen programming and parameter display surface or control by LaboChrom 5 software
    • Expandable to a 2-axis XYZ device
      • Autosampler (LABOCOL FS-5000)
      • Aliquot removal of fractions into microtiter plates (LABOPORT AL-5000)
      • Automatic peak pooling
    • Freely programmable step sequence
    • No dead volume due to the installation of the flow interruption and waste valves directly on the Y-arm
    • Automatic rack recognition
    • Infinite number of fractions through the repeat function and the replacement of filled racks
    • Continuous operation
    • Unlimited fraction volume through various drainage racks.
  • LABOCOL DS-5000 Data Storage Module

    Data storage directly on fraction glasses and bottles

    The LABOCORD DS-5000 is a system for electronic storage of relevant information directly on individual fraction glasses or bottles. All necessary information about the content of an individual fraction is stored on a data chip attached directly to the container. The chip can be read using a reader.

    Special features

    • Data storage chip directly on individual fraction glasses or bottles
    • Automatic storage of relevant information about the individual fraction on the chip of the respective container
    • Reading of the stored information on the individual fraction possible after removal at any location
    • Individual fractions and associated information are always firmly linked (common transport)
    • No more manual labeling necessary
    • Detection of incorrect positions possible
    • Electronic transfer to a DMS.
  • LABOCOL CL-5000 Cleaning Module

    The LABOCOL CL-5000 allows for easy and fast emptying of unwanted fraction collector vessels without the need to remove them from the device. A spray lance mounted on the Z-axis moves into the predetermined fraction collector vessels and, in a first step, draws the liquid into a waste container. In a second step, the lance sprays rinse fluid onto the vessel walls for cleaning and immediately draws the fluid back up. This step can be repeated as needed.

    Special features

    • Automatic cleaning of fraction collector vessels directly on the LH-5000
    • No laborious transport and emptying of vessels
    • Time savings through automatic cleaning
    • Compatible with LABOCOL FS-5000 fraction collector
    • Controlled by LaboChrom 5 software.
  • LABOPORT AL-5000 Aliquot Extraction Module

    Application area

    The AL-5000 module is used in combination with the FS-5000 fraction collector module and is designed to extract aliquots of the collected fractions for additional analysis purposes (HPLC, etc.). The probe needle of the AL-5000 module automatically moves to each fraction and takes a sample that is transferred to a microtiter plate. The sample extraction rate is automatically adjusted to match the fraction collection rate. Like the AS-5000 module, the AL-5000 module has a washing station for internal and external cleaning of the probe needle. The height of the fraction vessels is limited to 400 mm.

    Special features

    • Automatic sample extraction into microtiter plates
    • Freely programmable step sequence
    • Double contamination-free cleaning function of the needle
    • Controlled by LaboChrom 5 software
  • LABOPORT PO-5000 Pooling Module

    Application area

    The PO-5000 Pooling Module is used in combination with the FS-5000 Fraction Collector Module for automatic sample pooling from different fractions. The fractions marked by the software are automatically collected in a corresponding container using a suction device. The pooled fractions can be automatically fed into a solid phase extraction or an automatic evaporator system. This system is only offered in conjunction with our LaboChrom 5 software.

    Special features

    • Automatic pooling system
    • Unlimited pooling volume
    • Double drag-free cleaning function of the suction device
    • Controlled by LaboChrom 5 software


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