Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation, Japan

Thermal analysis Systems – High Sensitivity Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Thermo Gravimetry/differential Thermal analyzer, Thermo Mechanical analyzer / Stress Strain, Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Dynamic Mechanical Spectrometer

Hitachi High-Tech Sciences DSC7020 Differential Scanning Calorimeter 


  • High Performance Heat Flux DSC
  • Wide Temperature Range (-170 to 725°C)
  • Unsurpassed sensitivity
  • Unsurpassed resolution
  • Flat and reproducible baselines
  • Auto sampler
  • Cooling systems for all needs

DSC 7020 is the newly designed DSC with super high sensitivity and flat reproducible baselines to meet all requirements in the range of high sensitive measurements

STA 7000 Series:The New Standard in Horizontal Differential TG/DTA/DSC

sta7000Features of STA:

   The horizontal Digital Dual beam System:

  • Drift free baseline
  • Wide measurement range
  • Low Noise, Highly Sensitive TG-Signal

Optimized reaction gas Control:

  • Mass flow controller for reaction gases
  • High precision flow rate control
  • Rapid atmosphere exchange

Low mass – Low heat Capacity Furnace:

  • Fast heating and cooling rates
  • Automatic cooling functions
  • High throughput Measurements

Dynamic Mechanical Spectrometer (DMS) DMA 7100DMA7100

Viscoelasticity measurements transforms the samples by bending, tension, shearing etc., and find the elastic modulus and tan σ of the sample from the amount of deformation and response delay.
Local relaxation, etc., of polymeric materials, which cannot be grasped by typical thermal analysis methods, can be obtained at high sensitivities


Thermo Mechanical Analyzer (TMA/SS) TMA7000 Series


TMA7000 has super high sensitivity. It can measure a wide range of samples, including thin film and small samples, because the total measurement method has no shape restrictions.
Furthermore, the unit can be switched to push, penetration or tension mode by simply exchanging the probe. A full lineup of options, including an automatic cooling unit, ensures ease of use and highly accurate measurement.