Polyscience, USA

Circulators – Immersion, Refrigerating/heating, Heating-Only, Immersion Circulators, Water Baths,

Immersion Probe and Flow-Through Coolers

Refrigerated Circulators with
Advanced Digital Temperature Controller

Key Specifications

Working Temperature: From -40° up to +200°C
Temperature Stability:±0.01°C
Safety Rating: DIN 12876-1 Class III (for use with flammable liquids)
External Temperature Control Capability: Yes
Pump: Variable-speed
External Circulation: Open or closed loop

  • LidDock™ self-stowing reservoir cover
  • DuraTop™ insulating, chemical-resistant top deck
  • WhisperCool™ Environmental Control System
  • Cool Command™ modulated refrigeration system
  • Reservoir drain
  • Washable air filter