Chemspeed Technologies, Switzerland

AUTOPLANT PRORES, a robotic platform for organic process R&D

AUTOPLANT PRORES is Chemspeed’s software driven robotic platform designed to automate organic synthesis, process research and preparative organic synthesis in the pharmaceuticals, fine & specialty chemicals, and fragrances & aromas industries.

  • The AUTOPLANT PRORES offers a true scale-down of an industrial tank reactor, allowing for the direct translation of parameters from the lab to the pilot-plant scale
  • Exchangeable robotic tools
  •  Overhead gravimetric dispensing/dosing of powders and solid
  • 4-Chanel liquid handling
  •  High quality, flexible and modular reactors
  • High-output synthesis: all relevant process parameters such as internal/jacket temperature, stirrer speed and power uptake, feed rates, pressure, pH … are measured and logged
  • Highly resistant materials (glass or stainless steel), other materials or coatings upon request
  • Baffles and stirrers of choice, with hollow shaft for overhead liquid or solid dispensing
  • Up to 8 individual controlled continuous feed per reactor
  • Independent double jacket heating and cooling
  • Independent overhead stirring
  • Integrated reflux condenser
  • Automated reactor closure, e.g. for reactions at elevated pressure
  • Individual control of feed (gases and liquids) via ambient or high pressure syringe pumps with a large flow rate range and minimum dead volume for downscaled feed rates
  • Vacuum for different purposes: inertization, crystallization
  • Extraction, filtration, evaporation, crystallization, distillation
  • Vessel-to-vessel transfer
  • Distillation and Dean Stark water trap interface (optional)
  • Temperature range: -20 °C to 250 °C (optionally -70 °C to 180 °C or 0 °C to 350 °C)
  • Maximum pressure: 100 bar