StarFish really can make your life easier and improve productivity


    • Fits all leading brands of stirring hotplate.
    • Accepts standard vials, test tubes, beakers and flasks.
    • Set-up vessels individually or in parallel.
    • Space saving – uses less space than multiple heating and stirring set-ups.
    • Increases productivity – multiple positions allow you to heat, stir and reflux experiments in parallel.
    • Cost effective – use your existing stirring hotplate and glassware. Eliminate the cost of multiple set-ups.
    • Safer, cleaner working – eliminate oil baths, reduce spills, mess and accidents.
    • Flexible – use as many positions as you want.
    • Easy to use and quick to assemble.
    • Compact – store spare components in a drawer and not on the bench.
    • Can be used for
      • Synthesis
      • Distillation
      • Extraction
    • Popularly used in
      • Teaching and university
      • Chemistry and biochemistry
      • Environmental analysis
      • Food testing
      • Analytical


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