mya4w11-mya-4-mixed-images-1 Mya 4 Reaction Station

A 4-zone reaction station offering safe and precise heating, active cooling,software control and data logging for 24/7 unattended chemistry.

Flexible and versatile

  • 4 different zones, each with heating and active cooling
  • Use one compact system for a range of experiments
  • Accepts a wide range of vessel sizes and styles
  • Control your experiments and log results automatically

Safer, cleaner, greener and more productive

  • Replace inefficient, messy and unsafe oil and ice baths
  • Save space compared with separate reaction set-ups
  • Software control improves safety, reduces manual errors, and allows 24/7 unattended chemistry, for improved productivity
  • Create, repeat and share experiments and results with ease and accuracy
  • Easily manage complex multi-step and multi-device experiments
  • Integrate 3rd party devices such as pumps, balances and pH sensors etc.

Mya 4 Control Options

  • Touch-screen Control Pad – supplied as standard
  • Optional PC Control Software – to integrate and control 3rd party devices