Hei-VAP Rotary Evaporators

The rotary evaporators of our Hei-VAP series create new milestones within vacuum evaporation – a well-designed concept, unmatched tightness and uncompromising high quality.

The new seal system, speed-regulated vacuum pumps as well as the new generation of high performance condensers ensure the highest solvent recovery, increase the lifetime of rotary evaporator and vacuum pump and reduces residue in the ambient atmosphere. At the same time, you save up to 90 % of energy costs.

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Hei-VAP Industrial Large-Scale Rotary Evaporators

With the Hei-VAP Industrial series you are always on the safe side with the safety enclosure protecting you and your glassware! You can operate the Hei-VAP Industrial just by yourself, change flasks in seconds and operate the unit with ease.



Hei-VOLUME Automatic Module – Distimatic including automatic drainage of residue

For unattended and continuous use – including automatic drainage of residue

Save time by distilling large volumes in a continuous and unattended manner overnight and during the weekend



Safe Heating and Mixing

The unique Kera-Disk® heating plate of aluminium provides fast heating times and the wafer-thin ceramic coating makes the heating plate both chemically and scratch resistant!



The new Multi Reax Vortexer accommodates up to 26 test tubes, centrifuge tubes, and similar vessels with various diameters and lengths. Without exception, the powerful shaking motion guarantees excellent mixing results in all situations.

Powerful Overhead Stirring



The powerful Hei- TORQUE  stirrer can accomplish the most demanding tasks while providing the highest safety and increased performance life!





  • Torque up to 40 Ncm
  • Speed range up to 2,000 rpm
  • Viscosity up to 10,000 mPas
  • Control knob for rotation speed, pushing starts or stops the function
  • Timer
  • “Max” button for short-term operation at maximum speed

Temperature-Controlled Shaking


Hei-Mix Shakers & Mixers 

Choose from 6 specific motions – from one to three dimensional movements, from 3 different load capacities and optional upgrade to an incubator shaker!

Precise Dosing and Dispensing


The versatile Hei-FLOW Series can offer you all these options with flow rates ranging from 0.005 to 4.151 ml per minute depending on configuration!

Chillers for Hei-VAP Rotary Evaporators

 Compact design fits effortlessly on a laboratory bench and comes with a cooling capacity of 250W, 350W, 600W,
1200W, 3000W and 5000W


  • Filling opening at the top, drain tap at the rear
  • Integrated programmer with 150 segments, can be divided into 5 programs
  • Electronic level indicator and low-level alarm
  • SmartCool system for digital, energy-saving cooling control, including automatic compressor control
  • Clearly arranged control elements, large TFT display and membrane keypad
  • USB interface and an alarm contact are integrated as standard features

Hei-VAC ControlHei-VAC-Control_1

  • Affordable option for digital vacuum control
  • Easy fixation on the condenser shaft above the evaporator or as stand alone device with base next to the unit
  • Manual Vent button to prevent bumping
  • Graphs in order to display the entire vacuum process
  • RS232 interface
  • Multilingual menu navigation
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Works with all Hei-VAP Evaporators which do not have an integrated vacuum control