Chemspeed Technologies, Switzerland


Automated Synthesis for Innovative Medicines

  • Easy-to-use disposable multi-functional, high-precision glass reactor arrays:
    • Available reaction scales from μl to ml.
    • Screwless and self-sealing opening / closing.
    • Mixing by shaking (up to 600 rpm).
    • Heating (up to 150°C), cooling (-20°C).
    • Refluxing, vacuum, inertization, evaporation, extraction, filtration, crystallization and drying.
  • Chemistry-proven liquid handling with e.g. pH, filtration extension.
  • Proprietary robotic tool exchange for e.g. gravimetric solid handling.
  • All-in-one reaction preparation (liquids and solids), multistep synthesis, work-up, purification, analysis, product transfer to storage
  • Throughput, up to 48 parallel syntheses per run based on e.g. 2 ml scale
  • Ventilated, conditioned hood for e.g. sensitive, low-temperature chemistry
  • Easy interface to DoE and data analysis – dispensed amount, mixing speed, temperature, time, and any other stored data