Meet the latest innovation from LI-COR, the C-DiGit Chemiluminescent Western Blot Scanner. The C-DiGit Blot Scanner is a truly affordable digital replacement for film that combines the appearance of film that you are accustomed to with the convenience and flexibility of digital imaging.product_profile_cdigit_alt

Everything you love about film, without the hassles!

a)No Multiple Exposures       b)No Mess

c)No Saturation                     d)No Separate Analysis

e)No developer                      f)Lower expense


Two Channel IR Direct Detection

Accurate Quantification

  • ·       The Standard in Quantitative Western Blots
  • ·       High Sensitivity
  • ·       Wide range of applications including gels,membranes,Plates,Small Animals, Tissue Sections and More.


Small Animal Imaging System

With the Pearl® Impulse, you can:

  • Visualize imaging agents dynamically with rapid time-lapse imaging
  • Use native cells and cell lines for in vivo imaging, without reporter genes
  • Achieve exceptional sensitivity and deep target imaging with laser excitation and near-infrared fluorescent detection
  • Detect two near-infrared probes simultaneously
  • Acquire optimized images quickly with one-button operation
  • Use validated BrightSite targeting agents to get started immediately without developing your own agents


For the professional, student, or faculty researcher, the 4300 DNA Analyzer from LI-COR will accelerate your research and improve the quality of your data

  • High confidence in more precise data is the edge that researchers using LI-COR DNA analyzer have had for more than 20 years.
  • The 4300 System is a third generation instrument based on LI-COR Biosciences’ highly sensitive infrared fluorescence detection technology.