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 A fully integrated DNA Gel Scanner that is simple and affordable!


  • Illumination provided by blue LED light source.
  • Compatible with most nucleic acid safe stains including SYBR® Safe DNA Gel Stain, GelGreen® Nucleic Acid Stain, and GelRed® Nucleic Acid Stain.
  • Detects as little as 0.04 ng nucleic acid per band.
    Detection sensitivity is comparable to UV-based detection using ethidium bromide.
  • Large scan surface (17.8 cm x 12.7 cm/7” x 5”) for imaging most gel sizes, and band extraction.
  • Acquisition software that produces data images compatible with Image StudioTM Software for
    analysis, quantitation, and archiving.


Meet the latest innovation from LI-COR, the C-DiGit Chemiluminescent Western Blot Scanner. The C-DiGit Blot Scanner is a truly affordable digital replacement for film that combines the appearance of film that you are accustomed to with the convenience and flexibility of digital imaging.product_profile_cdigit_alt

Everything you love about film, without the hassles!

a)No Multiple Exposures       b)No Mess

c)No Saturation                     d)No Separate Analysis

e)No developer                      f)Lower expense


Odyssey® CLx -Imaging System

Get clearer answers with accurate, reproducible Western blots and more

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Odyssey® Fc –Imaging System

Get clearer answers with accurate, reproducible Western blots and DNA gels.

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