Kubota, Japan

Large/High Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge,

General Purpose Refrigerated Centrifuge,

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Micro Hematocrit Centrifuge

Compact High Speed
Refrigerated Centrifuge 7780

High Capacity Rotor, AG-1K4
Handling a large amount of sample is essential for proteomics application to improve work efficiency.

Kubota’s newly invented high speed centrifuge and high capacity rotor meets the proteomics application by accepting 4 x 1L bottle at maximum speed 9,000rpm and RCF 15,760xg.

For Proteomics
Kubota’s 7780 high-speed refrigerated centrifuge can save researcher’s time and money, covering all protein extraction and purification processes.

The procedure ranges from the preliminary screening with microtiter plate rotors, such as RS-745GS, to the final purification with large volume and middle sized fixed angle rotors like AG-5006A and AG-508CA.

High Speed Conical Rotor, AG-508CA
Isolating “sticky” proteins requires high g-force, at which tube breakage, such as neck bending, is common. Kubota’s newly designed high-speed conical rotor allows safe centrifugation up to 36,530xg for isolating even the stickiest of protein.