NanoWizard® 4 – The next benchmark of BioAFM – High resolution and fast scanning – a new level of performance


The NanoWizard® 4 BioScience AFM combines atomic resolution and fast scanning with line rates up to 70Hz in a system with a large scan range of 100µm. It is designed for highest mechanical and thermal stability on an inverted microscope for long term experiments, even on living cells. It has the lowest noise level for all AFM components such as the closed-loop scanner and deflection detection system. The electronics ensure the highest quality data.

Expanded usability and experiment control

The new ExperimentControl™ simplifies setting up the instrument and remote control of complex and long-term experiments is possible via the internet by a PC, tablet or Smartphone, delivering a continuous status update.


The QI™-Advanced software package is an extension of the standard QI™ version enabling quantitative measurement of nano-scale material properties such as stiffness, adhesion, dissipation and more.The imaging data are quantitative with high spatial resolution.QI™-Advanced mode requires the NanoWizard® 3 or 4 AFMQI™ and QI™-Advanced are working with standard cantileversOptional add-on to the standard QI™ software with more data channels and additional features for data extraction and processing. Provides additionally adhesion, stiffness and dissipation data while scanning


JPK NanoWizard 4 Advanced Optical integration Systems


NanoWizard® AFMs – Designed for perfect optical integration

The NanoWizard® 4 AFM system is compatible with all major inverted research microscopes of Zeiss (Axio Observer, Axio Vert 200, Axio Vert A1/Z1), Olympus (IX 70/80 Series), Nikon (TE 2000, Ti line) and Leica (DMi and DMI lines). It integrates also perfectly to advanced optical technologies, e.g. with Zeiss LSM 880/800 Confocal Microscope and Airyscan [3], and with Super Resolution Microscopy platforms such as Nikon N-STORM system [1] or PicoQuant MicroTime 200 STED [2].[4]: NanoWizard® 4 or Laser Raman Spectrometer TopViewOptics™ [4] setup for Stand Alone operation with standard stage


The CellHesion® module bridges the worlds of scanning probe and optical microscopy with the investigation of cell adhesion and cell mechanics phenomena. It allows the quantitative determination of cellular adhesion parameters with an unparalleled accuracy and reproducibility. As an add-on to the NanoWizard® it combines the capabilities of the BioAFM with precise adhesion force measurements and all optical microscopy features simultaneously

NanoWizard® – ULTRA Speed AFM – True atomic resolution and fast scanning in the most flexible AFM system. Performance made in Germany.

The NanoWizard® ULTRA Speed A AFM system sets the new standard in terms of resolution paired with scan speed. The optimized cantilever deflection detection system comes with lowest noise level of today’s AFMs. The fast electronics with highest bandwidth as well as the rigid mechanics and the newly designed high-voltage amplifiers deliver most accurate force control even on delicate sample structures

  • Fast scanning >300Hz line rate in air and liquid with excellent resolution
  • Atomic resolution in closed-loop mode by lowest scanner, position-sensor and detection-system noise level
  • Comes with the easy-to-use QI™ mode for quantitative material property mapping
  • Unique integration with optical microscopy by tip-scanning design and patented DirectOverlay™ mode for most precise correlative microscopy
  • Comprehensive force measurements from single molecules to living cells  Highestflexibility and upgradeability with a broad range of modes and accessories

Automated Force Sensing Optical Tweezer and Optical Trapping