Formulatrix crystallization imaging solutions provide a full range of capabilities designed to automate protein crystal imaging and analysis.

NT8Reliable drop setting with active humidity control


The NT8 is a fast, compact, nano liter-volume liquid handler with drop dispensing capability, including LCP experiments. The 8-tip head aspirates and dispenses drops from 50 nL to 1.8 μL. Dry dispense any volume between 50 nL – 1.8 μL of a range of fluids with CV´s averaging 5%.

Rock ImagerCrystal clear imaging Unparalleled speed


Rock Imager series of crystallization imagers provide industry-leading image quality for both bright-field and birefringence imaging and come with an automated UV imaging option to distinguish protein crystals from other crystal types.

SONICC- Remove the guesswork. SONICC finds crystals that other technologies cannot.


Sonicc the Second Order Non-linear Imaging of Chiral Crystals, uses femto second pulsed lasers to exploit the intrinsic frequency-doubling property found in the vast majority of protein crystals and produces high-contrast images with little-to-no background signal.

Fluorescent Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP)

An optical technique that allows you to identify the optimal conditions for LCP crystal growth without having to wait on the crystals actually growing. The automated process in our suite can analyze a 96-well plate in less than 45 minutes.