Flame Photometers – Unlike Any Others..!

BWB flame photometers are used for measuring Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium & Barium (Li, Na, K, Ca & Ba).  There are flame photometry applications in many different industries including • Cement • Beverage • Pharmacies in Clinics • Medical Schools • Petrochemical • Paper • Fertilizer •Wine • Food • Nuclear Power Stations • Salt and Potassium mines • Sugar Industry.

6990BWB are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with low temperature flame photometry.  Here are some of the many reasons BWB are now the flame photometer manufacturer of choice;

Simultaneous detection & display of all 5 ions – Measurement of lithium, sodium,potassium, calcium & barium simultaneously is a huge step forward in terms of ease of use and time

Just Add gas  – Unlike other manufacturers who charge extra for vital accessories, BWB include everything required to use the product straight out of the box. Just add Gas!! (Propane, butane or LPG)

Built-in Air Compressor – Greatly reduces noise and laboratory footprint while increasing instrument stability, accuracy and reproducibility.

Advanced Calibration System– The ability to store calibration data and perform multi-mode calibrations reduces analysis time by up to 65%.

Ease Of Use – Easier to use than any other flame photometer, greatly reduces staff training which is further enhanced by our extensive training videos.

No need for internal standards – Saves time and money!

Long term savings – Excellent value for money and very low total cost of ownership.