Nucomat Dispenser


  •  A perfect combination of Traceability, Precision and Safety for the Most Demanding Analytical Labs.
  • The NUCOMAT  high speed automated dispenser that can be used for reagent or acid dispensing in a very fast and accurate safe way; it is perfect for any laboratory that requires fast reagent additions to stand ard test tubes. By a pre programmed  microcontroller an web – interface driven, the system is extremely user friendly  and  accessible by any PC
  • Maintenance free pneumatic driven precision pumps, in combination of rigid PVDF – tubing, are making the system very reliable. The complete system is embedded into a safety enclose with a controlled acid fume control sensor (option) The acid container refills are controlled continuously.
  • Any leakage or breakdown in the sequence will be announced , and the dispenser goes immediately into a safety mode
  • Gravimetrical controlled reagent dispensing guarantees excellent accuracy, precision and safety.
  • Dispense volume range from 0.5 to 15 ml

Nucomat Robotic Workstations for Wet Chemical AnalysisHotcell Compact’ Automatic Digestion Systems for …

  • Nucomat offers fully automated sample preparation systems integrated with wet chemical instrumental-analytical systems. Like AA, ICP-MS, ICP-AES, and other wet chemical methods of analysis.
  • Automated Sample preparation (WetChem) in Mining and Precious Metal applications (Fire Assay) NiS fire assay.
  • Automated Sample Preparation for Copper-determination
  • Automation of the preparation of Fe-ore samples by XRF for total elements composition and by Titration for Fe II and Fe III.
  • Automation N-P-K-analysis in a of fertilizer  / Soil.
  • Automated platform for preparation and  TOC-analysis  in Soil-samples by  ‘Walkley Black’ method
  • Automated aliquoting  of Radioactive reference material

Products for Safe  handling of  dangerous acids  for applications  of  Ores , Metal ,  Catalyst , Food , Soil , Fertilizers analysis

The use of aggressive and dangerous acids is a common and potentially hazardous activity in almost all analytical laboratories and therefore the need to have sufficient health, safety and environmental precautions in place are essential. Hotcell Compact’ a robust and reliable robot system, embedded into a completely closed fume  extraction cabinet necessary to minimize the amount of contact between dangerous materials and laboratory personnel.

HOT CELL COMPACT – Closed Cabinet assembled  in Chemical Resistant PVC- Gravimetric Controlled Dispensing Module- 16 position Heating block for 250ml glass flasks- Software

AUTOMATED DIGESTOR WORKSTATION–  Solid dispensing –Acid/Liquid Dispensing- Digestion- Filtration- On Board Analysis (ION chromatography, Titration ,AAS, UV , )