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SonicManTM High Performance Microplate & Tube Based Sample Preparation

The SonicMan, a high performance sonication system, delivers industry-leading sample processing capability directly to the bench top. This feature-rich instrument combines tube and plate based sample preparation with scalable sonication and precise temperature control. The SonicMan can be operated as a stand-alone benchtop instrument or easily integrated as part of an automated laboratory system.SonicMan


PlantTrakSxTM Benchtop Single Magazine Unloader

The PlantTrak Sx is a benchtop device for single magazine unloading, for lower throughput sample handling laboratories. It is used with the the PlantTrak Hx, which collects samples in the field. The PlantTrak Sx transfers samples from magazine cups into SBS/ANSI format 48 or 96 well microplates or tube racks.


Brooks Life Science Systems is the leading worldwide provider of automated compound management and biological sample storage and management systems

  • Small Molecule Drug Discovery -a wide range of compound management and automated sample management systems as well as quality control instruments and cell analysis for toxicology studies.
  • Biological Sample Management -Pioneers in the supply of automated DNA storage and ultra low temperature storage systems,
  • High Throughput Screening -first companies to develop a high throughput screening (HTS) automation platform and scheduling software.
  • Biopharmaceutical Drug Discovery -The Celigo Cell Imaging Cytometer provides solutions for:Cell HealthCell Secretion AnalysisClonal Validation and Expansion
  • Cell Management and Cell Cytometry -The Brooks Celigo Cell Imaging Cytometer is suitable for many cell management and cell cytometry applications
  • Cancer Research -Celigo Cell Imaging Cytometer

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