XOS® is a leading global provider of mission-critical materials-analysis equipment for industries and regulators that must control material quality and performance, from consumer products (e.g. toys) to electronics to petroleum industries. XOS leverages its world leadership in x-ray optics to supply application-specific analyzers that measure environmental and product contaminants such as lead, cadmium, chlorine, and sulfur. As a supplier to analytical instrument companies, XOS offers x-ray optics and sub-systems to enhance analytical performance in x-ray instruments.

Advanced X-ray optics can often increase the sensitivity of the measurements by more than a factor of 100, while decreasing the measurement time, increasing spatial resolution, and decreasing the size and cost of the equipment.

Instrument designers call on XOS expertise in X-ray optics, systems, and application engineering, from design simulation and rapid prototyping, to complete analytical engine design.

End users implement XOS analyzers to drive yield and throughput improvements, meet strict regulatory requirements, and enhance product quality. These application-specific analyzers incorporate peak detection performance, low maintenance, and user-friendly operation in laboratory, at-line, on-line, and in-situ environments.

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