Quality made in Germany – for your safety!

Roetzmeier Safety Containers are manufactured in Germany with using regional suppliers. Our family business is located in Salzkotten (central Germany). With over 45 years experience in working with stainless steel and our permanent search for innovations and improvements in safety technology we can offer you products with the highest quality for the handling of hazardous substances. Since foundation we provide safety containers from stainless steel, the range includes safety cans, canisters, -barrels, -transportation containers and -funnels. And we will continue to develop innovative products to enable our customers to comply with environmental regulations and health and safety legislation. Our transparent and documented processes are regularly certified by an external quality assurance program. Ongoing internal audits complementary ensure the effectiveness of our quality management, which includes all business areas from product development to shipment of orders. That way our products became a synonym for highest quality in the industry for safety products.

Our worldwide customers are laboratories, chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises, research institutes, universities and numerous other industries (e.g. automotive manufacturers and suppliers, packaging industry, flight- and aerospace companies, public utilities, logistics industry, caravan manufacturers, medical engineering companies, hospitals, apothecaries, aroma industry, etc.). Highest quality from Germany, reliable and durable – with respect to your own safety and that of your co-workers you should not accept less! Our production takes place exclusively in Salzkotten but our products are used all over the world! Our clients are laboratories in chemical and pharmaceutical companies, research institutions and universities as well as numerous companies from different industries (e.g. automotive manufacturers and -suppliers, packaging manufacturers, air and space companies, suppliers, logistics companies, caravan manufacturers, medical companies, hospitals and pharmacies, flavorings manufacturer , etc.).

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