Since 1977, Oxford Lasers has been supplying laser solutions to science and industry.

Oxford Lasers was founded in 1977 by physicists from Oxford University whose research had been directed towards the study of new, yet practical, laser devices. Initially the company focused on the manufacture of Excimer lasers and Copper Vapour Lasers. Since 1990 we have manufactured laser-based systems incorporating lasers of all types, with an increasing emphasis on solid state lasers.

We offer systems, consultancy, R&D and technical support for:

  • High speed imaging, using digital high speed cameras, lasers and software to offer complete imaging solutions
  • Precision laser micro machining using high repetition rate pulsed lasers to provide system solutions for industrial production
  • Custom, high precision micromachining services

For highly specialised applications, the company has access to a number of world leading research groups. Our contacts allow us to maintain cutting edge capability and Research and Development facilities. Oxford Lasers frequently works as the system supplier to consortia including one or more end users together with a number of universities and/or research organisations.

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