Chemspeed Technologies focuses on creating, developing and delivering full workflow application orientated solutions which enhance R&D productivity.

A leading team of scientists, with years of experience as pioneers in the field of automated parallel chemistry, designs innovation driven solutions based on a strong portfolio of proprietary technologies. Those technologies covering chemical compound handling (liquids, solids, oils,..), parallel synthesis, formulation and computer-controlled reactors are already in use at leading research labs worldwide.

To implement this concept and collaborating with other vendors, Chemspeed Technologies combines its platforms with complementary products as well as with consumables.

The new approach to Product Development
In opposite to other players in the industry, Chemspeed Technologies has a new approach to Product Development. We see the cycle of product development more as a spiral than a circle. Why? Because even though the steps in the process may be repeated, they evolve through experiments.

Chemspeed offers innovative hardware and software solutions for every step in the product development cycle:
• Design of experiments
• Sample preparation
• Synthesis
• Process Research
• Formulation
• Application
• Testing
• Data to knowledge
The objective of Chemspeed is to speed up Research by offering automated, higher output (throughput + quality), cost effective and targeted workflow solutions in the following industries:

• Pharmaceuticals
• Agrochemicals
• Catalysts
• Polymers
• Paints & Coatings
• Ceramics & Abrasives
• Porous materials
• Biomaterials
• Renewables
• Fine & Specialty Chemicals
• Personal Care
• Home Care
• Nutrition

The automated chemistry systems of Chemspeed Technologies AG ‘condense’ many instrument capabilities (such as reaction preparation, liquid handling, solid weighing and dispensing, reaction & work-up, output to analytics, etc.) into one platform, thereby simplifying the operations required.

An international team of highly educated and experienced chemists brings its technical expertise to develop, sell and support those workflow solutions.

With its market-, application- and “condensed workflow”-oriented strategy, the team of Chemspeed Technologies AG can serve you in a most efficient way.

Chemspeed Technologies is headquartered in Augst, just outside of Basel, Switzerland.

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