nucomat Nucomat was founded in 1988 as a system integrator for automation company in the nuclear industry. During the years, other market segments in different types of lab-environment have been exploited for lab automation. Today, Nucomat profiles itself as ‘your partner in Lab automation’ for Life Science, R&D and Analytical Laboratories, with over 20 years of experience and knowledge gained all over the globe. Based on the increasing need for more efficiency, more safety and more consistent workflows in complex laboratories, new innovations are being applied. Every module in each system has been selected and evaluated, based on customer’s needs and requirements, in combination with a risk assessment to provide the best suitable solution. The backbone of each automation platform is RoBin software, an in-house developed tool (event driven, SQL server based). This software allows by embedded microcontroller technology to control every step, and supervises every module, sensor and/or instruments in the system. The strategic partnership with several international instrument suppliers, vendors, consultants and technology institutes leads to new innovations and allows Nucomat to create smart interfaces for the most advanced needs in automation. A continuous investment in gaining and anchoring this know-how provides Nucomat a privileged position in this market.

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