Implen Germany and Inkarp India have partnered to market in India new series of NanoPhotometer® - Limitless Spectroscopy Applications.

Implen Launches New NanoPhotometer NP80, N60, N50 and C40 Models!, April 15,2015

Implen introduces the 4th generation NanoPhotometer® as a full line of spectrophotometers including nanovolume (N60/N50), cuvette (C40) and combined nanovolume/cuvette (NP80) models. The new NanoPhotometer® product line redefines complete mobile spectroscopy with compact stand-alone operation including up to 8 hours of battery power. The innovative flexible unit control provides options for controlling the instrument via PC, Smartphone, Tablet and Optional built-in glove compatible LCD touchscreen. The New NanoPhotometer® models still offer the smallest sample requirement (0.3 µl), built-in Vortexer, broad dynamic range, fast scan times, and lifelong accuracy without need for maintenance or recalibration.

Combined with the latest operating system for an advanced customizable methods approach the NanoPhotometer® products are easily integrated into Scientists’ workflows to provide dependable results which lead to discoveries in cancer research, neurodegenerative disease, drug development, bioenergy, agriculture, forensics, and much more for total laboratory and field based projects.

For further information about Implen New Nanophotometer  please contact Inkarp on 040 27172293 or email shashidharsr@inkarp.co.in

NEW AVA Lab Control Software – smart automation, tracking and Control.

NEW AVA Lab Control Software – smart automation, tracking and Control, March 6,2015

AVA Software, developed by Radleys (Saffron Walden), is a major step-change in lab control software to enable the scientist to work smarter and complete projects faster.AVA is very easy to use and can control and log data from a variety of manufacturer’s laboratory equipment. It offers four software levels to suit the application and budget, controlling a single stirring hotplate up to a multi-device jacketed reaction system.

For those who may be interested in the software, it can be downloaded for a FREE trial at www.radleys.com .

Scientists can use AVA to:

  • Control a wide range of laboratory devices including stirring hotplates, overhead stirrers, circulators, balances, pumps, pH meters, vacuum pumps, gas flow controllers and temperature sensors
  • Eliminate time-consuming, manual data recording
  • ‘Track and Repeat’ what you do, as you do it, to repeat experiments easily and accurately
  • Define safety limits and alarms for safe unattended operation
  • Visualise results for rapid analysis and reporting
  • Link devices for dual control e.g. pump and balance for mass additions
  • Control up to 4 experiments in parallel

For further information about AVA Software please contact Inkarp on 040 27172293 or email info@inkarp.co.in

Waters launches Reliant HPCL columns in Hyderabad;expects additional 5% market share in India
Tuesday, January 28, 2014, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]
Waters   Corporation, a pioneer of laboratory equipment in India, has launched new   Reliant HPCL (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) columns in Hyderabad   and collaborated with Inkarp Instruments as its distribution partner for the   new product in the country. With this new product, the company is expected to   grab an additional five per cent market share in India.Specifically designed and developed for the Indian customers in the chemical,   pharmaceuticals, biotech, clinical, food and environmental sectors, Waters   Corporation has unveiled the new Reliant HPCL columns at Green Park hotel in   Hyderabad. At present the company sells more than 30,000 water columns in   India. With the new product the company is expected to increase the sales to   100,000 columns in the coming year.Choosing Hyderabad as its apt platform for unveiling the new product, Waters   India management and distributor Inkarp feel that, as the city is already   well established as the hub for numerous pharmaceutical, academic and   national and international scientific laboratories, it would definitely give   them a big boost for pushing the new product to the right customer. With   Hyderabad as headquarters, the distributor Inkarp will help market the   product in India with its 17-18 branches across the country.According to K V Venugopalan, president of Waters India, the newly launched   Reliant columns are much more affordable and at the same time uphold same   quality standards as its earlier variants. “Based on customer requirements in   India we have designed Reliant HPLC columns exclusively for Indian scientists.   Quality wise it complies all the US FDA, cGMP standards and cost wise it is   available at a much reduced cost of 35-45 per cent of our earlier product,”   said Venugopalan.Designed for liquid chromatography method development applications, the Reliant   family of HPLC columns is based on a five-micron silica based C18 particles   that provide excellent peak shape, reproducibility, reliability and high mass   loading performance that is expected from a modern chromatographic sorbent.   The new chemistry represents waters’ ongoing commitment to developing a   portfolio of innovative chromatographic media that is designed to address a   full range of scientific needs, including development of cost effective and   reliable assays.With its varied portfolio of products for separations science, laboratory   information management, mass spectrometry and thermal analysis, Waters is   providing innovative and breakthrough technologies from time to time. When   asked about the expected revenue generation from the new product, Ian king,   vice president, instrumentation division said, “If the product is successful,   we are expecting at least 45% market shares in the coming year in India and   expecting more than $2 billion revenue turnover for the company.” At present   Waters corporation has two competitors Thermo Scientific and Phenominex in   India.The company is already selling more than three lakh columns worldwide and has   11 manufacturing facilities in the world. Its operations are spread in 27   countries and products are sold in 50 countries across the globe.For more information contact Mr.S. D Anand ; email-sdanand@inkarp.co.in
LI-COR Biosciences and Inkarp Instruments, Pvt. Ltd. announce a distribution agreement for LI-COR Biotechnology Products effective October 1, 2013.

LI-COR Biosciences and Inkarp Instruments, Pvt. Ltd. announce a distribution agreement for LI-COR Biotechnology Products effective October 1, 2013.

LI-COR Biosciences is a privately held company founded in 1971. LI-COR is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of high quality, innovative instruments, software, reagents, and integrated systems for plant biology, biotechnology, drug discovery, and environmental research.  For over 21 years, LI-COR has used its near-infrared expertise to design innovative market leading solutions for today’s researchers. More than 30,000 customers in more than 100 countries use LI-COR instruments. In addition to its Lincoln, Nebraska headquarters, LI-COR has offices in Germany and the United Kingdom and is supported worldwide by a global network of distributors.

The distributor partnership agreement allows Inkarp to leverage its 25 year history in scientific instrumentation business and sell, service & support Licor Systems in India

ISPV (in-situ particle viewing) from Perdix Analytical Systems, Netherlands for Instant visual information on crystals, particles, bubbles

ISPV is One instrument for size, shape and image. It’s a Research tool for particle science (crystallization/polymers).PAT / QC in production .Scalable concept, same imaging technology ranging from 1ml . > 10m3

For more information contact Mr.S. Rentala; email-rentala@inkarp.co.in

New IceCube:Safe and Simple High Energy Reactions from Thales Nano,Hungary

The IceCube is a revolutionary continuous flow low temperature reactor specifically for high energy reactions to be performed in a highly controlled and safe manner. IceCube is Safe and Simple High Energy Reactions. The system is made up of 3modules.

Ozone Module,

Pump Module

Reactor Module

Ozone Module- Generates ozone from oxygen. Ozone/oxygen amount is precisely controlled Oxygen Flow rate 10ml-100ml/min O3/O2 v/v% 14% at 20ml/min Oxygen flow rateCan be used as Standalone Ozone Generator

Reactor Module-Main Reactor  Temperature  -70 to +80C;Maximum Main Reactor Volume 8mL;Maximum Pre cooler Volume  4mL;Quench Reactor  temperature -30 to 80C;Quench Reactor Volume 4mL;Number of Mixers 2

Pump Module- Flow rate 0.2-10ml/min

Yamazen partners with Inkarp Instrument for its Flash chromatography Products
Yamazen Corporation, Japan’s prominent manufacturer of the Single & Dual Channel Automated Flash Systems and high resolution columns, with 35 years of technical experience in flash chromatography announced an exclusive distribution partnership agreement with Inkarp, India for its Flash chromatography products.

Yamazen is striving to provide the most advanced tools in terms of both hardware and software approaches of the automated flash chromatography for more efficient and productive purifications of the valuable organic compounds.

Yamazen Flash Chromatography products are “Intelligent & ECO-friendly”. It uses the Yamazen’s proprietary and US patented control software that provides cost-savings on time, columns and solvents.

“We are extremely proud to collaborate with Yamazen Corporation. Yamzen is Expert in chromatography .It has offered Eco-friendly and Japan’s Best Selling Automated Flash Systems. We are looking forward to this alliance as a fruitful association to achieve collective business objectives”, Says Mr. S. Balu

Gilson, Inc. Introduces the GX-241 Liquid Handler
Gilson, Inc., an industry leader in purification systems for HPLC, SPE, and GPC clean-up introduces the GX-241 Liquid Handler, the newest liquid handler to join the dependable GX Liquid Handling product line.

The GX-241 Liquid Handler is a compact liquid handler ideally suited for applications and labs where bench space is at a premium. The GX-241 Liquid Handler provides the perfect balance of size, performance, and capabilities. The instrument is being introduced first as a liquid handler and auto-sampler, with additional configurations to follow for injection and collection and solid phase extraction.

“Being able to efficiently and effectively perform required tasks within a limited amount of bench space has become a real concern for many laboratories.” said Atika El Sayed, Chief Executive Officer of Gilson. “The market expressed a need for a small footprint liquid handler with injection and collection capabilities and we listened. The GX-241 was developed to satisfy this request.”

The GX-241 Liquid Handler features a large injection volume range of 1 µL up to 5 mL using a minimal dead volume direct injection design. The liquid handler also features two transfer ports for delivering samples to off-bed detection devices in Flow Injection Applications (FIA). The two rack capacity liquid handler has the ability to hold hundreds of samples ranging from 2 mL vials to 100 mm test tubes. The flexible platform, in addition to tubes and vials, holds up to 4 standard or deep well 96 well microplates.

For more information contact us at: <a href=”mailto:info@inkarp.co.in”>info@inkarp.co.in</a>

NEW Findenser™ - SUPER air condenser that Replaces the need for water cooled condensers in over 95% of all common chemistry applications need for water cooled
Radleys New Findenser TM is a SUPER air condenser that uses a finned aluminum jacket to provide excellent heat transfer, removing the need for water cooling .It replaces the need for water cooled condenser in over 95% of all common chemistry applications. It is based on a patented design with sealed assembly, optimized internal and external surface areas, and encapsulated thermo fluid, for maximized thermal conductivity and heat transfer.

Findenser showed a significant improvement in solvent retention. For synthesis with ‘medium’ boiling point solvents Findenser delivered improved solvent retention particularly with larger volumes and high temperatures. Findenser is environmentally friendly saves money on water usage save water and also removes risk of flooding from running water.

Radleys have been manufacturing scientific glassware and laboratory instruments for over 45 years and specializes in supplying innovative chemistry tools for scientists, allowing them to undertake their research faster and more effectively

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PolyScience Refrigerated Circulating Baths Available in a Wide Variety of Sizes and Capabilities
Available in 40 different models, the PolyScience line of refrigerating/heating circulating baths features temperature ranges as broad as -40° to +200°C, temperature stabilities as exacting as ±0.005°C, and reservoir sizes ranging from 7 to 75 liters. Six different temperature controllers are available, including two with time/temperature programming capability.

Designed with the work habits and needs of laboratory personnel in mind, PolyScience Refrigerating/Heating Circulators incorporate many ergonomic features to make life in the lab more productive and efficient. Among their many design innovations include a swiveling control head that permits viewing of the temperature display anywhere within a 180° viewing radius, an integral lid docking system for no-mess reservoir cover storage, and a corrosion and chemical resistant top plate that dampens noise and remains cooler at high temperatures.

Among the temperature controllers available are PolyScience’s Performance Programmable, Performance Digital, Advanced Programmable, Advanced Digital, Standard Digital, and MX models. All feature extra-large digital readouts, highly intuitive operation, and calibration capability.

For more information contact us at: <a href=”mailto:info@inkarp.co.in”>info@inkarp.co.in</a>

LIQIBACK - A Recycling Module for Dispersion Suspensions
The operation of wet dispersers becomes costly if special dispersion liquids such as alcohols or organic solvents are used. For the re-use of dispersing liquids Sympatec offers LIQIBACK, a recycling module suitable for all our wet dispersers and most of the dispersing liquids used.

LIQIBACK comprises a sequence of two sedimentation reservoirs and two subsequent cartridge filter stages and a impeller pump, the latter operation is controlled by the disperser.

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HPLC/UV Determination of Tetracyclines in Milk Using Mixed-Mode SPE and eXtended Performance XP 2.5 μm Columns
A new application note has been added to the waters.com website that describes the use of Oasis MAX and XP columns for determining tetracycline antibiotic levels in milk by HPLC with UV detection.

Benefits of the application include:

  • Improved productivity on HPLC using 2.5 μm particle columns
  • 35% faster than equivalent separation on 3.5 μm particle column
  • 60% faster than equivalent separation on 5 μm particle column
  • Improved resolution compared to 3.5 and 5.0 μm particle columns at same flow rate and column dimension
  • Simple and selective SPE for ppb level detection limits with UV detection
  • LC Certified Vials for consistent cleanliness and inertness

For more information contact us at: <a href=”mailto:info@inkarp.co.in”>info@inkarp.co.in</a>