Infections of the respiratory tract are serious and common healthcare associated infections (HAI) that affect patients using certain medical devices, such as endotracheal tubes (ET tube or ETT).
Despite a limited and relatively short but necessary life-sustaining treatment with an ETT, many patients develop an infection in the respiratory tract – Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP).
Microbial adhesion on the tube itself, resulting in biofilm formation is one major cause of infection. In long-term ventilated patients subglottic secretions can accumulate above the cuff of the ETT and hence, represent an ideal growth medium for bacteria. By microaspiration along the cuff, these contaminated secretions might pass into the lower respiratory tract and become a potential cause of lower airway infection, including VAP.



The BIP Endotracheal tube Evac has been specifically designed to reduce ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP). It combines the known VAP reducing feature of subglottic secretion drainage with the clinically proven ability of the Bactiguard noble metal alloy coating to reduce microbial adhesion and prevention of biofilm formation. Several randomized, controlled studies have examined the efficacy of subglottic secretion drainage and it has been found to reduce VAP with approximately 50%.In a clinical study on 100 patients comparing a standard uncoated endotracheal tube with BIP ETT (without subglottic suction) it was concluded that the coating reduced the incidence of VAP by 67%.