Bactiguard® Infection Protection


A majority of healthcare associated infections are commonly caused by medical devices, and occur in three main areas of the body: the urinary tract, the respiratory tract and the bloodstream. Bacterial adhesion to medical devices is an essential step in the development of infective biofilm, causing devi­ce related infections, increased use of antibiotics and bacterial resistance. The Bactiguard coating has been proven to reduce bacterial adhesion and colonization on the device surface thereby li­miting the formtion of biofilm and significantly reducing the risk of infection.

Bactiguard-coated products have been used in a large number of clinical studies and evalu­ations (1986–2015) involving over 100,000 patients. The purpose has been to assess the technology´s efficacy in preventing infections as well as its safety and performance . In addition, Bactiguard in vitro assays have demonstrated a reduction of microbial adhesion to Bactiguard-coated products by at least 70-90% compared to non-coated.

Bactiguard® benefits

  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Reduced use of antibiotics
  • Save lives

BIP catheter types:

Foley Catheters Central Venous Catheters Endo Tracheal Tubes