Solvent Purification

MBRAUN Solvent Purification Systems (MB-SPS) offer users an easy, safe, and fast way to dry and dispense solvents. These systems operate by pushing the solvents through a series of drying columns resulting in moisture levels down to the ppm range. Dried solvents can then be either dispensed into a collection vessel directly at the system and/or into an integrated glovebox system.


Modular Vacuum Sublimation Units provide the ability to purify up to 200 g per charge of volatile organic material (depending on density) for application in organic optoelectronic devices (e.g. OLEDs, organic photovoltaic's) or nanotechnology. The special design allows exact temperature control to prevent hot spots and to reduce decomposition. The compact modular setup allows easy space-saving assembly in lab or glovebox. Each segment is temperature controlled independently and ensures homogeneity of less than 10 K. All process relevant parameters are monitored and controlled by a personal computer.


  • World's first fully automated solvent purifier (US patented)
  • Ideal for laboratory or industrial production applications
  • Connects directly to any glovebox system
  • Minimized process intervention through PLC control
  • Each solvent line includes an independent regulator
  • Purifies up to 800 liters of solvent before replacing columns
  • No cross contamination of solvent vapors

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