The MB-OptiVap series is a high-end solution in MBRAUN's deposition tool series. Designed for the requirements of specialized research up to pilot scale production, these tools find frequent use in industrial laboratories and state-of-the-art Universities throughout the world.


  • For substrates up to 300x300 mm or 300 mm wafers
  • Open platform to meet unconventional coating needs
  • Comprehensive set of automated components
  • Hinged rear service door
  • Ergonomic sliding front door
  • Shielded view ports for visual process monitoring
  • Recipe programmable PLC control
  • Removable protective shielding
  • Compatible with all standard deposition sources
  • Ergonomic to operate, easy to clean
  • Available as system embedded version, glovebox integrated and stand alone
  • All stainless steel construction
  • UL listed and CE compliant

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