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NanoWizard NanoOptics AFM

The NanoWizard® NanoOptics AFM is optimized for a broad range of applications ranging from nanoscale optical imaging by aperture and scattering-type SNOM to experiments involving interactions of light with the sample such as absorption, excitation, nonlinear effects and quenching.

Flexible platform for trapping and tracking of nanoparticles for measurements from single-molecules to entire cells

  • Compatible with inverted microscopes for combined experiments, e.g.,
  • Carl Zeiss Axiovert 200, Axio Observer
  • Nikon TE 2000 & Eclipse Ti/Ti2
  • Olympus IX70/71/73
  • Leica DMi8
  • Compatible with all major light microscopy techniques such as DIC and fluorescence
  • Spectral range of 400-900 nm for undisturbed fluorescence imaging
  • Optical components for trapping are optimized for 1064 nm wavelength
  • Automated calibration for enhanced productivity
  • All major components are motorized and computer-controlled
  • No safety goggles needed (Class 1 laser) and no alignment by hand
  • Optional external standard modules such as confocal units, CCD cameras, detectors

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